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What I do

I offer a range and combination of cutting edge techniques with the specific aim of creating rapid change over a small number of sessions. I also provide assistance in undertaking broader explorative and self development goals with my clients, uniquelt tailoring assistance to each individuals requirements. I offer a free 1/2 hour consultation to any prospective clients so you can find out anything you want to know to decide if this will help you to achieve what you want.

Public Talks given on a variety of subjects

Personal life Coach

Neil Simpson B.Sc. Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy; MNCH ( lic )

Neuro Linguistic Programming ( INLPTA Certified Practitioner )

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner ( EFT )

Reiki Healer and Martial Arts Instructor

About me:

I am a premier therapist and personal performance coach who brings a diversity of experiences both professional and personal to my work.

Having started my working career as a professional engineer I then moved into personal development and management training with an experiential learning company. Subsequently I retrained in Environmental Conservation and Landscape Management, running year long adult training programmes for the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers commercial branch.

I then moved into working with an e learning design company performing training needs and business analysis work and designing bespoke training packages, eventually setting up my own consultancy to work with IBM designing instructional training materials.

I then retrained again, studying Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnosis so as to be able to formalise my existing skills in helping others to grow and develop.
I have also studied and utilise the leading edge practise of Emotional Freedom Technique, which is likened in its significance to be the equivalent of finding antibiotics for emotions.

I am also a qualified Reiki practitioner although this is generally not something I currently offer as part of my professional treatments. Alongside studies of energy medicine these capabilities bring a broad range of tools to assist my clients to identify and achieve their desired outcomes.

My work is primarily solution focussed, utilising powerful contemporary methods to enable swift and specific changes on a brief intervention basis. My ethic is to make myself redundant to my clients regarding their issues as expediently as possible, whilst of course continuing to be there to provide help and services should any other needs arise. It’s not unusual for clients coming initially to deal with a ‘problem’ in part of their life to then move on to more ‘coaching’ work where more of an enhancement approach is appropriate.

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Helping you make the changes you want.